Is Home Refinishing The Right Alternative To Remodeling?

Does your home looks tired? Do you want a new look? New colors, new cabinets, finishes, bathtubs and counters can make things look brand-new. Does your home need a face lift? Do you feel that the kitchen’s chipped, worn, and stained appearance looks bad? You want to make changes, but an entire new rooom is not in the budget.

Remodeling has its disadvantages. You’ll lose access to parts of the house for weeks or even months if you allow contractors to demolish an entire room, like the kitchen for example. Do you really wish to live with all that dust and noise. Do you forward to the intrusion from the contractors’ work? How long do you want to live without access to your kitchen or bathroom? An American Canyon plumber will bet: “Not for long!”

Consider having rooms refinished instead, if you do not want this to happen or if the expensive price tag makes it unattainable. Refinishing is the right choice as long as your furnishings and bathroom appliances are in good shape. Through refinishing you can give a vibrant new look to all your old counters, tubs and cabinets, etc. Simpy smooth out the many years of rust, dings, dents and discoloration. You can fix any surface damage and improve your home’s look to nearly perfect!

The price tag for remodeling is substantial and that does not include the cost of the appliances! If you have your heart set remodeling, you should think twice. Refinishing means working with those things you already have. A makeover is not as big an undertaking as having a full blown kitchen or bathroom remodel where you replace everything inside it. A makeover price tag is a lot less money and you’ll get the upgrade you want without shelling out thousands for an inconvenient, long-term and messy remodel.

Refinishing has the many benefits of remodeling without the cost. Refinishing is a lot cheaper and a lot more convenient. It makes use of what already exists, it is greener, as well! Give your kitchen or bathroom the update you and your home deserve.

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